Mid Month Mugs

Mid Month Mug Sale

In an effort to be inconsistent, and also to make some money to support my art habit, I am beginning a Mid Month Mug Sale.

I have confessed to you how I am not a production potter, and that anything I produce will be not reproduced. This all still stands. However, I do find myself with an occasional mug to sell.

Tune in to my Instagram account on the 15th of every month at 12pm to I will post the mugs I have available for sale to my story. My IG handle, incase you need: @alexandrarossworks

Today, I have two little mugs. They are $30 each, plus shipping. DM me on Instagram when you see them in my story if you need one of these mugs in your life.

Folks, I’ll just say it, they are not perfect.


By alexandraross

I am a contemporary artist in rural Manitoba.


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