Statement & C.V.


Alexandra Ross a multimedia artist based in rural Manitoba.  Raised by unconventional parenting, she was unschooled during her childhood and adolescence and grew up in Georgia, Arizona and Costa Rica, never spending more than a few years in one place.  Since arriving in Canada in 2004 she has obtained a B.A (Hons) with concentrations in Sociology and Theatre from Providence University College (2010) and has been granted permanent residency in Manitoba.  After working in the fields of frontline crisis and sexual violence prevention, she returned to studies to complete her BFA at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art (2020).  Alexandra mounted a solo exhibition at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre (2015) and has since participated in a number of group shows in Winnipeg as well as a print exchange in Grand Forks (2019).  Alexandra was awarded the Undergraduate Research Award (2018) under professor Grace Nickel as well as two UMSU scholarships. Currently she is completing a year long placement in the Rural Artist Mentorship Program through Manitoba Arts Network and Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.


Alexandra Ross is an emerging artist based in rural south eastern Manitoba.  With a practice centered on clay and film photography her work often takes the form of multimedia installations and assemblage sculpture. Emerging themes in her work include personal identity and narrative as well as tensions of chaos and order in the human psyche arising from childhood events. In her photography she takes events from her past and weaves them together to create images of contemporary ritual as well as symbolic and performative identity. This practice is coupled with a clay practice that seeks to push clay traditions into experiments that are process centred and create works that are sculptural and entail non-clay assemblage elements.



2019 Anthropocene Gallery of Student Art, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

2015 The Vanishing Grasslands Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre, Steinbach, Canada.


2018 School of Art Student Show the Edge Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

2018 Where are you from?  Gallery of Student Art, Winnipeg, Canada

2017 Contemporaries Inaugural Exhibition of the School of Art Student Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

2017 Show and Create, Edge Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada


2018 Prairie Outdoor Exhibition, Winnipeg Folk Festival,

2017 Summertide The Forks, Winnipeg, Canada

2017 Prairie Outdoor Exhibition, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg, Canada


2018 Undergraduate Research Award

2017 UMSU Scholarship