Portrait by Taylor Summach

Alexandra Ross is a visual artist working primarily in ceramics, print, and photography. Based in rural Manitoba her art disrupts the constructed tensions between chaos and order; human and animal; sublime and mundane. Her work seeks to find the liminal space between these dichotomies and expose areas where the line is blurred or reversed. Alexandra is currently completing her BFA at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art



  1. I have recently begun selling my work and am working on a website. I was hoping to do some through WP but unsure, thanks to you I have even more inspiration, thank you very much and congratulations to you.

      1. Right now I am only preparing to open on Etzy and do not sell work through WordPress. However, if I were to take orders on WordPress it would probably be through email and then through PayPal. There may be other options with WordPress, but I have not researched them.

  2. I have this quote pinned up on the wall in front of my work table in my studio! My singing teacher gave me this. I’m took up formal voice training at age 60. Ann

    1. Way to go! Talk about inspiring! I love the quote because it tells me that all creating, all genuine expression, is art. (And perhaps even the not so genuine if that is one’s path to creativity). The art world is so riddled with fear of failure, and without constant reminders, i would succumb to those voices. Thanks for your comment. All the best to you!


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