The final project for sculpture requires that we suspend something created with wire and tissue paper from the ceiling which will “hover” over a plastic form containing multiple objects, found or created. Content is our interpretation of the title, “Hover.”


So for the past three weeks I have pondered what I might make… And finally, I have created my proposal:


This sculpture explores the space between lived experience and official documents.  The passport hovers over the oath taken by new citizens of Canada.  Each page is made out of tissue paper and is covered with stamps recreated with pointillism—alluding to the series of events leading up to significant moves and migrations.  Below the oath lies a collection of official documentation.  The documents below and above the citizenship oath are the material remnants of a life lived.  Each document speaks to immense human emotion, each piece with its own long story.  The glass oath is both tangible and fragile—suggesting the journey to citizenship is a goal that, while achievable, can still be shattered. The gaps between the passport, oath, and documents is the space where the human story can be found in the viewer’s imagination.


I think some of the best advice I received last year was that the best art comes from a place of knowing.  I may not know what it is like to be have lived in one country all my life, but I sure as hell know what it’s like to live in limbo, hovering between one country and the next.

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