Failure Friday: “I’m going to be blunt with you” 

When you ask your professor for their opinion on your piece and they lead with, “ok… I’m going to be really blunt with you…” you know you will experience a [possibly painful] learning moment in a matter of seconds. 

This happened to me yesterday after spending 5 hours in the ceramics studio completely restarting my first project. 

What I learned: 

  • Water weakens clay (yes, she mentioned this in the first lecture, but was I listening?? On the bright side, she told me to leave it alone and go drink a coffee😊)
  • My piece is delicate… it might fall apart. 
  • It will not be functional as anything other than a sculpture. 
  • I may have interpreted “vessel” too loosely even for an artist. 

So, I have grown as a ceramic artist. Critique is next Tuesday. 

Should be fun!


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