Year in Review: 2016

As an artist this past year has been very significant to my development.  I kept up with my usual practice of photography, crafting and general artsy-ness and added a few more things to-boot:  I applied to the University of Manitoba’s school of art, and was accepted.  Along with this I completed my ditch photography project, participated in two markets, came up with a new product line for my photos, and completed my first semester at the school of art and received my first major woodworking injury:)

What a year!

Here are a few visual highlights:

School of Art Portfolio

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New Product line


Summer Markets

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School of Art: Figure Study

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School of Art: Drawing

School of Art: Visual Language

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Last Wild Space: A Year in the Manitoba Ditch

Perhaps the biggest thing that has happened in 2016 is that I have moved from feeling like an artist-wannabe into an emerging artist.  I am excited to see what 2017 will bring to my art! Thank you for joining me on this adventure:)



  1. Wow, Sasha! It’s amazing to see your work laid out. I’m intrigued by your timeline piece! Of course, I love your Manitoba Ditch project and the tie to land and beauty! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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