Today I remember

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Today I remember

I have spent much of today trying to remember

I have remembered those who gave their lives in battles

Who fought for freedoms, bravely

Delivering their lives for our freedom

Their ultimate sacrifice.

Today I remember.


But my memory is long

I also remember

Those who fought for

A cause they did not wish to die for

Children armed with weapons

I remember those who had to flee their country

Because they could not fight their government

I remember the wars of land

Wars of gold

Wars of “cleansing”

Wars of oil

Wars of trade.

Today I remember.


I remember those victims who paid the “ultimate price”

Dying by torture, by machete, machine gun fire

Lined up by a pit, pregnant, holding babies

Waiting for their last conscious breath.

And I remember those who lost their souls

But kept their lives.

Those who watched as their brothers and sisters

Children and babies

Were brutally murdered

blown up




Or went missing.

Today I remember.


My memory stretches back to enlightenment

When we thought Knowledge and Science

Would save us form our religious bigotry

And with it we created chlorine gas


Atomic weapons

Collateral damage for our freedom


I remember the wars of religion

The Christian wars of crusade, inquisition

The wars of the Puritans

Plymouth Rock our

annual celebration of Thanksgiving

For the genocide of the first peoples

Who paid the ultimate price

For our freedom.

Today I remember.


My memory stretches back

Along our whole western project

Wars upon wars.

Land, gold, oil


We found iron

Made into ploughs and chariots

Tamed wild horses

bits, bridles and stirrups

and with copper and iron

we spread across Europe

The original Cow-boys and Indians

Wars on the natives

For land

for gold

for power.

Today I remember.


But far, far in my collective memory

I reach back

Back to my oldest, deepest European roots

Back to Old Europe

Thousands of years of peace

Living together as equals

I remember though I am





There is peace in my deepest roots

Today I remember

Lest I forget.



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