Failure Friday: Least Strongest

Yesterday I posted my “successful” pages from my visual language book.  Well, today I share with you, dear reader, my less successful pages.  My weake-*ahem*-“least strongest” pages.

Hedging language aside, I found critique to be a very helpful process in trying to understand why a piece isn’t as strong as another.  The professor  had 5 minutes to flip through a book of 20 images.  This was not a lot of time to respond to each image, however I found the whole exercise, rushed as it was, very enlightening!  He would make quick comments like, “This needs something” or “Maybe think about how you can tie in these different elements together” and also “the idea is working, but the execution needs work.”

So, here are the pieces that the professor thought were my “least strongest”


This piece, for example, is a little too basic.  So I need to think adding something to it.  I like the white with pencil lines.  What I might do is add a little bit of pen, and then colour some of the areas with different types of white paint.

These two pieces also needed “something” though what they need I have yet to find.  hmmm

“Value, shape”

This piece, the dodechedron, was too much of a shape.  I suppose he means not abstract enough.

These two were good ideas, but the execution needs tweaking.  I agree.  In fact his comment on the one to the right was that I I needed to put more thought into where the grey went, that I needed to reign in some of the excitement of the idea.  Typical me.


This one he made no comment on. But I am not satisfied.



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