Failure Friday: Failing to See

*Warning: strong language* 

What is worse than making a shit piece of art?

Making a shit piece of art and not knowing it. 

What’s worse than that? 

Making a great piece of art and feeling like it’s shit.

I achieved both on Wednesday evening. 

I am in the middle of completing a 20 page black and white visual language booklet for next week. As per the professor’s instruction, I brought what I was working on to class so he could see what we were all in the middle of. 

He looked over my pieces and thought my strongest piece was the one I liked the least, and he thought my weakest piece was the one I thought was the most striking. 

So much to learn.

Weak… aparently.

Strong… apparently.

1 Comment

  1. hmm. The prof is just one person… so one opinion in a world of many. Sure he /she grants your mark in this class but your opinion of your art counts too. . Keep on keeping on .


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