Drawing Hands

On Monday night our professor got us to draw 11 sketches of our hand… When he told us that was what we would be doing for the next two hours, I had the odd sense of feeling both frightened and bored.

But that’s because I didn’t know there were so many ways to draw a hand! 

I’ve got to HAND it to my professor… 

Heh, sorry, couldn’t resist.

Ye Olde Hand (professor does not like this kind of drawing. Boring!!!!)
Contour drawing of the hand (you dont lift your pen/pencil)
Blind contour hand (while not lifing your pen, you also dont look at your drawing.)
Hand drawn with the “gorrilla grip” on the pencil. supposed to loosen up your whole arm to draw, rather than the traditional pencil grip whicih makes you move only the wrist.
Hand drawn with non-dominant hand
Hand with only straight lines
Hand with only curved lines
Hand as Shapes
Happy Hand
Sad Hand
Angry Hand


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