Failure Friday: Self Portrait Fail

*Warning: Strong Language*

So, on Monday I have to turn in my self portrait assignment in my Figure Drawing I class… After attempting this assignment [and failing] I thought this would be an ideal thing to for “Failure Friday.”

Originally entitled, “Friday Fuck Ups” I started this series as a way to be a little more more honest about the art process. It is too easy to look around the web and see perfection and then to look back on our own art practice and feel like an absolute failure. I felt that we rarely get to see the process that a work of art went through to get to its final stage, and thought I’d do my part to be honest about the process….
It was a great idea… But now that I have some really shit art, I’d like to ignore this series… 

Ok, confession over with, now let’s look at Art In Process: Self Portrait Fail.


Alright, with that out of the way, I’m off to go work on adding values, blending conte crayons, and healing giant tears in my pride…

…And then start over. 



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