Failure Friday: When Food Coloring Doesn’t Fix It

FF Christmas Cards-3

There are so many ways to fail at making a Christmas card.  There are also many ways to succeed at making one, but on Friday we celebrate creative failures!  So here is what NOT to do:)

Now, if you are like me, you are aware that there are many, many magazines, books, YouTube Channels, Pinterest boards, Tumblers and even Facebook Groups devoted to making Christmas Cards.  But, if you are like me, you decide to ignore all these very helpful tools, and forge your own way into the card making world with no guide but your own gut.

You may come up with some very creative ideas, but you also come up with some very creative disasters.  So, here is a creative disaster for you, on this beautiful Failure Friday.

Happy creating!

FF Christmas Cards-1
So you get an amazing die cut at the local craft store…
FF Christmas Cards-2
Only… it doesn’t quite work on its own in your cutter. Most people at this point would return it.
FF Christmas Cards-5
But you decide maybe sparkles would make it better! …not quite
FF Christmas Cards-6
Or food colouring? …nope.
FF Christmas Cards-8
Maybe giving it an antique kind of look??
FF Christmas Cards-7

1 Comment

  1. I prefer the post apocalyptic look in christmas cards. If you wanted a perfect one you could go to the shop.


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