Failure Friday: Peeling Away Perfection

In a world saturated with perfect images it can be difficult to remember that perfection is only the last step of a long creative process.  Along the journey there were many attempts made, many attempts failed.  While these images can inspire the viewer, they can also be disheartening.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams

As an artist it can be difficult to be surrounded by so many images of perfection only to look back at my studio and see so many failures.  I can tell myself that failure is an essential part of the creative journey, but unless I see it reflected back to me, I often end up feeling alone in my creative fails.

In response to this, and in response to a conversation I had with some friends, I have decided to devote a weekly blog to my creative failures of the week.  Failure Friday is my small attempt to reflect back to the world a hopefully more honest look at my personal journey of art making.

I anticipate this will include pictures of my messy art room that will never be fully clean, nor fully organized.  Failure Friday will also have some of my unedited photography, and the shots that didn’t even make the cut to be edited. Add to that, unfinished projects, half-ass attempts, and just plain bad ideas.  It is all part of what happens in the process of making art, so why hide it?

With that in mind, happy creating, but more importantly, happy failing.


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