New Project: The Last Wild Space

Hello long lost blog.
I am back, and with a new project!  I have committed myself to walking along the same small stretch of ditch for one year.
“Why would anyone do that?” you might ask.
Because I love Manitoba’s ditches.  They are overlooked space that have grown wild. They stretch miles upon miles of prairie highways, and I imagine for this reason they are far too expensive for the government to “tend” to them with pesticides and mowers.
0169204fbcb9d35b3b36f752c4c8c9c90ba7a2f3afIn my mind ditches are Manitoba’s “last wild space.”  They are a constant reminder that we live in a grassland.  The ditches give me hope that while Manitoba has lost much of her natural prairie to agriculture and development, she would return to grass if we let her.  Thus the ditches are a living reminder that all around us there is an ecosystem ready and willing to break through our structures and once more become wild.

014d478cdf28d7c9f83ada80e5bed138633e8912b5Every Friday I hope to post a visual summary of the week’s walk.


You can also follow the project’s tumblr:

It was a great first week.


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