Ninety-nine Percent Frostbite

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”

Photo cred: My lovely co-worker who patiently waited in the car while I spent time capturing a few shots on the windy day.


…Or in the case of Manitoba winter photography “ninety-nine percent frostbite” except that doesn’t sound as good, so we’ll stick with perspiration.   Photography seems to be more about the hard work of taking advantage of opportunities than about having the latest gear and a critical eye–don’t get me wrong, those are very important!  However, I think that a great deal of work in photography is in just getting out there and taking pictures.  This quote came to mind on Tuesday when I was driving with a co-worker to do a school presentation.  The wind that day was from the south and gusting around 30 km/h creating a eerie look to the roads and surrounding trees, as well as creating windchill values of -36c.  We happened to be a little early for the presentation and so, rather than stopping for a nice warm cup of coffee, we pulled over to the small dirt road and I ventured out to snap a few pictures.  Now, if I was thinking I would have brought my camera, but it is not a habit yet, so I had only my phone on me.  Nevertheless, I did capture a few nice pictures of the windy, snowy Manitoba morning.



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