Playing Dress Up

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Sometimes it takes a few years to fully develop a creative idea.  Back in the summer of 2013 I developed a pattern for a stuffed toy bunny.  They are meant to be imperfect and mimic toy bunnies I and my sisters made when we were children.  For the past year an a half I have sold them in their simple form.  They have not changed much, though I have added button eyes and whiskers as well as an occasional bow around the neck.

FullSizeRender (6)

However, this year I hope to make them into a much more of an art form.  Inspired by the work of Jess Brown I have come to realize that my little bunnies really need some fashions.   So, with the help of my sister, I hope to come up with a line of Bunny Fashion Dolls.

Yesterday I took the first step towards this goal and basically played dress up with my stuffed animals.  It was fun.  If this makes up a large proportion of my creative year I wouldn’t complain…


  1. These are endearing and adorable! I hope⭐️ the tangerine bunny is just playing Dress up, because Gale and I would both Go into conniption fits if you sold her, With Nano’s amethyst Neckace!!!😳 Love you! Mom Sent from my iPhone



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