Looking forward, looking back: 2014 in review

Don’t let your goals get in the way of your dreams.

2014 was not the year I imagined it to be. Originally I thought I would complete a few art projects, get a DSLR camera, and perhaps sell at the farmers market again…. Why do I make plans? I failed at all of that! I completed none of the projects I set out to do, all my 2014 photography was shot with my Nikon Coolpix and I didn’t make it once to sell my work at a farmers market!

In April I happened to be one of the lucky people to receive an email inviting artists to participate in a opportunity sell at a pop-up shop in Winnipeg from May to August. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and what started as a summer venture turned into an 8 month experience selling art in Winnipeg.

So, while my blog suffered tremendously and while I achieved none of the goals I set out to do at the beginning of 2014 I learned that sometimes we have to let go of our goals so that we can reach our dreams:).

Looking forward to 2015, I am tempted to not to plan anything too drastic, just in case I need to leap onto a moving train again, but there are a few givens.

First of all, I have been gifted my first DSLR camera! So my photography will take on a new learning curve, one that I have wanted to try for a long time!

Second, I have my first art exhibition from June-August in Steinbach. I will be exploring the theme of the local extinction of Tall Grass Prairie as part of the much wider 6th Extinction that we find ourselves not just in the middle of, but also causing.

And lastly, I experimented a bit last year with having an “open studio” day, where I invited anyone to come into my studio and create art. I think I will expand this idea and have a few more of those!

Here are a few highlights from this past year:)

Happy 2015 everyone!

Photography Highlights

Exchange Uporium

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  1. Sasha this is short notice as the sale ends on March 11 th which is Wed. but could I pay u for the use of your photo and somehow get this photo enlarged for Dad and Mom’s livingroom wall at the Manor behind their recliners where large empty space is ? as a surprise gift . It portrays what they both grew up with and lived for and would be so special to them that you took it . the sale is for 24 by 36 inch enlargement on foam core at london drugs for $24.99. Ellen–ps could I also send the four photos u took that i had once picked out for v canvas enlargements for our basement east e wall done on this sale also?


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