Manitoba’s Extripated Species: Plains Bison


Extirpated Species Any species once native to Manitoba that has disappeared through all of its Manitoba range. Extirpated species are declared as such by regulation under the Endangered Species Act.

Download the MB Conservation brochure here!

Plains Bison:  Symbols of strength and determination, bison are Ice Age survivors. Clearing away snow and brush with their massive heads, they weigh up to 2,000 pounds and can run up to 40 miles per hour. Once numbering 30-60 million in North America, their numbers were decimated in a decade as expansion pressed westward. No other species on Earth has declined so quickly. For bison to grow in number, they need room to roam vast grasslands.

Learn more here.

Here is the first linocut in my series on Manitoba’s Extripated Species.  This is the first piece in a large project I am doing about local extinction which will become my first art exhibition next summer.

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