In concert!


Happy Wednesday!  Today I am skipping my usual Musical Literacy blog and instead using the space to talk about Four and Twenty Blackbirds upcoming concert on Sunday!  For the last 4 months we have been working hard to craft each song into finely tuned piece of folk art, and this is the week everyone can come and hear it:)

About the band:

Four and Twenty Blackbirds are a traditional folk music band based in Steinbach, Manitoba.  With a blend of original piano accompaniment, intricate vocal harmonies and light percussion, traditional folk tunes are lifted out of their dusty past and arranged and performed for contemporary listeners.  The band is composed of two members, Alexandra Smith and Jill Snider, who share a keen appreciation for preserving folk tunes and keeping the folk music tradition alive and well in Southeastern Manitoba.

Our Line-up:

Come all Ye Tramps and Hawkers

Men of the West

Fhear a Bhata


Norland Wind

Cuillins of Rhum

The Parting Glass

This is my first concert and while I am a little nervous, my excitement absolutely outweighs my nerves!  I have done little recitals before and a song or two on the street, but this is entirely different.

So, if you are around, come check out our music this weekend!


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