Protest Tuesday Conundrum

I have run into a bit of a standstill with my idea of doing one act of art-activism in my small hometown over the summer.

Call me naive, but I am surprised to find that it takes a lot of effort to generate, produce and install one piece of art-activism every week.  Who knew?  ha!

Another problem, is that all my previous experience with activism has used the tools of public demonstrations, letter writing, and petition signing rather than acts which potentially violate city by-laws… you know, putting up posters on non-existent public squares and “vandalizing” bathroom stalls with feminist material…   I am beginning to feel that blogging about art-activism makes me reluctant to act.  Didn’t foresee that.

Lastly, the art-activism that I really want to install in Steinbach is going to take a little while as they are larger projects, so blogging about them will be more of a progress report rather than an actual event.

So, where does this leave these blogs?  Well, I will change what I do here from now on.  This will no longer be a series attached to one artly act a week, but rather an idea series.  Something along the lines of “Diaries of a Small Town Activist” where I can detail ideas for small town activism that I or anyone can be free to use.  Who knows, maybe I will even make up printable materials that you, dear reader, can use for your own art-activism:)

Happy Protest Tuesday



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