Summer Blog Series

No more of this random posts every few days.  I am getting ambitious this summer with this blog.  Instead of leaving every post to my whim every morning, I will devote a theme to each day.

From June through August, you will find the following themes for each day:

Monday: Manitoba Monday

Mondays will continue to be devoted to photography of beautiful Manitoba.

Tuesday: Activism and Art

Art and activism walk hand in hand in my view, and Tuesday is the day where I will explore this more fully.

Wednesday: Musical Literacy

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say “I wish I could read music” or “I wish I could play the piano.”  Well, while I can’t pretend to be a piano teacher or music instructor, I can share some basic musical literacy that I think anyone can learn.  So this summer I will be making a short YouTube series.

Thursday: Into The Wildwood

A blog series devoted to exploring the creation of items for my shop.  The series will include art photography, information about my products and perhaps even some how-to’s for any other crafters out there.

Friday: Calling the Muse

Art does not need inspiration.  Art exists and will keep existing.  However, art sometimes gets stuck in our minds and unable to take form for one reason or another.  Friday is devoted to that every crucial element of stepping away from the world of making and looking at the art from others along the creative road.

As always, there will be no posts for the weekend so that everyone can be busy in their own art rooms or equivalent spaces.



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