Countdown Begins

From the Farmer’s Market to the Exchange Market

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Less than a year ago I did a 30 day countdown to my “Grand Opening” at the local Farmer’s Market where I set up a little booth selling my art, toys and gifts.  It was a great start to make the leap from doing art for fun, and doing art to sell.  Now, I am taking a further leap and moving from a little farmer’s market booth to a display in downtown Winnipeg!

Last night I learned that I have officially been accepted to participate in a pop-up shop venture with the newly formed Exchange Uporium in the Exchange District in Winnipeg.    

  The whole thing is happening very fast.  The opening is set for May 15th and the shop will remain open through the summer and until September 15th.  This gives me less than a month to get everything ready.  As you can imagine, all free time will now be spent in the artroom coming up with new stock and improving the old.  

More information to follow, but for now, you can find me in my art room:)

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