Problem Solved


Five days ago I did not know it existed.  Three days ago I bought it.  One day ago I used it.  And now, I feel that it is an essential piece of equipment for what I am doing and want to do!

What is it?

A portable light box.  Optex Portable Photo Studio & Lighting Kit, to be precise.  I believe it will transform the way I sell on Etsy, and it will enable me to make good “How-to” pictures and videos.


How to display and photograph my work has been a problem.  Especially now that I am in a basement.  Last year I took my items outside and shot them over rocks or mirrors, giving a natural looking background.  1-DSCN5902However, any background is distracting if you are selling your items.  So then I got a free software program which allowed me to isolate each item and delete the background.  Not only was this tedious and time consuming, the end result was not inspiring.

Needless to say, it is slightly discouraging to make beautiful things only to have ugly pictures to show people.

But this is changing!

photo (25)

Yesterday I spent the afternoon trying to design and create my bookplates for spring.  From 1pm-8pm I feverishly worked away.  And, instead of having to try to take a grainy, dim picture on the faux-wood kitchen table to display my work, I was able to take a well lit instagram picture–something that would have been impossible before.

So, I suppose you can look forward to nicer pictures of my crafts and perhaps a few tutorials! 🙂


Happy creating!



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