The Happy Chaos

Chaos 2

I am in my element when I am surrounded by chaos.  In order to create something I need all tools and materials to  be visible and preferably within reach.    This makes for a creative mess when I am in the midst of productivity.  And right now I am entering the season of busyness as I get ready for the farmer’s market.  For the next three months I anticipate that my art room will be in various stages of chaos.

I find chaos beautiful.  I think it is a shame that we see many pictures of completed artwork without the context of the chaos that brought them forth.  We see the order without seeing any of the chaos.  And that is just not how art is.

So, this morning I thought I would share some of the chaos that is bringing forth some bookplates to the farmer’s market this season.  I don’t yet know if they will come into being, but here is the beautiful chaos that is trying to make them happen.

Happy Creating!



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