What the Windmill Taught Me

Windmill 1On Saturday I spent my afternoon getting footage for a five minute video about the local windmill.  While I was filming I also caught a few photos.  The experience has left me in awe of windmills and with a greater appreciation of photography as an art.  These few pictures barely capture the magic of being inside one.  I feel like I will need to return to it several times to learn how to photograph it.

The experience has led me to reflect a bit about photography.  It seems to me that the photographer must develop three different relationships.  The first one is a relationship with them-self as artist: recognizing their own sense of style and composition etc.  The second relationship is between the photographer and their camera–the longer I use my little Nikon Coolpix the more I feel like I know what I can and can’t ask it to do for me.  The third relationship is between the photographer and their subject.  And that relationship is in constant change, and there are multiple facets that must be taken into consideration.  Facets such as light, temperature, the social, historical, and nature of the thing/person being photographed.  It makes sense that an amateur photographer like myself cannot expect to arrive somewhere new, immediately see what would make a good picture and capture the essence in a few minutes.

I feel confident that I can call myself a photographer.  Whereas before I thought the name denoted someone who takes great photographs, I now think photographers are people who practice the art of seeing and relating experiences through the medium of a camera.  I am one of those.  And I am in it for life.



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