I have changed the tagline for my blog.  When I started this blog, in the summer of 2012, chose the tagline, Becoming Visible, because it beautifully summarized what I was doing with art, or perhaps what art was doing with me.  I was overcoming my my fear of critics and becoming visible to the world.  

Well, after a year and a half of visibility I am no long afraid of people seeing me or my art, and I felt it was time that the tagline of the blog reflected my current approach to art.

I have changed my tagline from Becoming Visible to Celebrating Everyday Art.  As an artist I have learned to love equally the journey of each piece as well as it’s finished form.  I believe that the process of learning any art is equally if not more creative as the finished result.  This approach first allowed me to drop my guard as an artist.

Now, having practiced this for a while, I add to that idea that all of life is highly charged with creativity.  An artist is someone who reinvents life.  Art exposes life.  It tears away the perceived monotony that makes us think we know how life looks, sounds or feels, and helps us experience what we might have otherwise missed.   

And that is what I aim to do with this daily blog. 


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