Manitoba Monday: Learning the Art of Adaption

I only took one picture this weekend.

This seems to be the new normal for me lately.  Generally by February I am sick to death of getting bundled up to go outside, taking lots of pictures of…. snow, snow, and snow.

But that is not the case this February.

The blame for the lack of photography walks this month falls on other artful endeavors.    Right now I am preparing for music performances, illustrating a book and making a music video and I simply have not found much time to go out and take as many photos.

Unfortunately, I cannot blog about my other art projects and while my art room has been messy enough to merit a blog post, there is no natural lighting in this cozy basement so it is hard to photograph it artistically.

This has left me with very little visual material to work with when posting during my morning coffee.

Excuses, I know.

Really, what is happening is that my usual style of blogging by flooding each post with lots of images is only good if I have lots of images to share.   So my blogging has to adapt to a busy schedule.  I am having to learn a new kind of creativity: reinventing images through photo editing.

So today, I am posting a picture I took on Friday after music practice.  I thought I would include the steps of fabrication as well, because I love the process of making art as much as I love the final work.

So without further ado, my one picture this weekend:)



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