The smallest amount of ink in the right place can change everything.

There has been this line, this uncross-able boundary between me and other people.  I could not get to where others stood without the right little stamp in my passport and the right piece of paper that said I belonged.

But that all changed yesterday, with a stamp and a signature.

At 2:30pm on January 29th, 2014 I was a foreign person in Canada.  


At 2:50pm on January 29th, 2014 I became a resident with rights.

Somewhere in that 20 minute interview the past 10 years of living in Canada and the past 16 years of wandering the globe as a foreigner came to a close.


Everything has changed, and nothing has changed.

20 minutes and a little ink and I shut the door to a long tumultuous chapter in my life.


I’m happy to be home.



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