My years as a nomad come to an end

An email from the Canadian government came last night; they have completed processing my application and I have one more appointment to attend before I am granted permanent residence.  

This event is more significant than my graduation from college.  

I thought it would never happen.  After 16 years of non-permanence in 6 different countries, this tree is digging her roots into Southeastern Manitoba.  One last little jump to clear one more immigration interview and the ordeal that has lasted over half my life will end its long tyranny.  

I will belong.  I will have roots in a ground that does not move.  

As I drifted off to sleep in disbelief I thought of the pictures I took on Hecla Island in the summer of 2012.  Massive trees grow on the boundary between the ever moving water and the solid earth.  The wind and rain has exposed the roots but rather than dying the trees have dug their toes into the rocks in determination.  They have cracked rocks and grown long, looking for earth they know is there.  

  The images seem a fitting representation of how my psyche looks.  A little mangled, but determined as hell.  All this work is about to pay off.  My roots have finally found the earth they knew was there.  



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