2013 in Review

2013 was a very eventful year for my art!  Along with my usual photography and painting I completed a number of small projects including making a music video, learning some basic wood working skills and leading my first crafting workshop.  But the big thing this year was quitting my full time job to have more time to make art and play music.  I opened a booth at the local Farmer’s Market, attended a few craft sales and finished the year with a month long booth at a local bakery.  As well, I now keep a shop on Etsy and am looking forward to carrying this momentum into 2014!

Photography Highlights

In 2013 I feel like my photography turned a page.  I feel like I have gained a much better grasp of how to frame themes and how to capture the particular feeling that I am looking for.  I am growing comfortable as a nature photographer and I would love to develop these skills to include wildlife photography.  I am looking forward to 2014, especially learning to use my manual Pentax camera, and who knows, maybe venturing into the world of a DSLR…


At the beginning of 2013 my goal was to begin performing music.  In a way that has happened: I am now playing piano in my church and singing there, as well I am now taking voice lessons.  But on the whole, it was too early to begin performing.  Instead, I have spent the last year focusing on developing my style and gaining confidence.  Come March I will be singing in a Festival and before that, I hope to attend some open mics.

One thing I did take on was making a music video which you can view below:


My poetry comes from my photography.  These poems are written along side the images that inspired the words.  I really never meant to get into poetry, but sometimes it just happens.  I have no goals for my poetry in 2014.  If more happens I will be happy.

What the Trees Do

I admire those

who bear the brunt of the snow

who transform it from a deadweight

to a breathing wonder


It refreshing to leave the lined streets

walk off the path

and get caught

in the tangle

The Next Million Years

Thinking ahead

the trees let go of their leaves

to cover their toes

and their children’s toes

to become the deep food

of their children’s children

and so on and on until

we all burn together under the super nova

or we cut them all down.


The sky is caught

in the twined fingers

of the trees

She catches the whole blue

holds it up

as I walk

as I look


through their fingers

and see more

even as I see less

The Quiet Pool

Since forever we attempt to tame her

in the quiet places and the stormy alike

if we managed once or a thousand times it was luck

her blessing, and permission but

she will take you if she wants you in her depths

“don’t waste water”

she will remember your habit and waste you

walk by her boundaries asking for her blessing

and say a prayer for the living and the dead

River Stones

“River stones”?

such a quaint picture for such profound beings

it really falls short to help us to “get” what they’re about

bubbling up from the earths hot depths,

they’ve seen it all, nothing we do here on the surface phases them

silently, slowly, they change,

too slow for the human gaze

they were here for the first crawly bug,

and after we are done parading around the world,

they will be there for the next

So the next time you pass some old stones, think twice and pay some respect.

The Old Bridge

Inevitably we leave a mark

taking from the earth and making the natural unnatural

you will find our foot prints,

our waste works and abandoned machines

Beyond the grass.  Here was a little bridge

built, now almost forgotten

Nature works her slow tireless hand over it

reclaim her lost friends and taking them back to herself

The Grass

At first glance the prairie is a vast flat landscape

nothing but the horizon stops the viewer’s gaze

Tempted to walk away to seek the overt drama in the mountains

wait a minute

step closer

Spend your time in the grass

The flatland is filled with ever scoundrel and hero that the mountains keep

They hide in the brush, in the willow and cattails

and if you take the time, you will meet them

and watch as the drama unfolds


A slow year for watercolour, but productive nonetheless.  I managed to paint a few pictures.  Watercolour remains one of the hardest mediums for me.  I have applied to have my first art exhibit so I expect 2014 will be a little busier with the paintbrush…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Apart from my usual photography, painting and music, I also dabbled in print making, zentangling and crafting!  A busy year indeed!  I only hope I can keep up with myself in 2014:)

Happy Creating!




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