Artists Who Inspire: Lou Reed Photographer

Lou Reed Source: The Independent
Lou Reed Source: The Independent

Back on October 28th I caught Jian Gomeshi’s archival interview with Lou Reed while driving.  In the interview Jian talks with him about his art as both a photographer and as a musician.  Lou is a very articulate and deep thinker and I was moved by their conversation.  In particular, Lou talks about the world through the camera, he calls it “a better world” and says he likes to look at the world through the view finder.  I can totally relate to this, and feel that when I am on a photography walk I enter a different world.  It is like that camera is a tool to slow down an pay attention to the smallest thing.  Lou says something similar in the interview when he talks about how the camera catches things that we would otherwise pass over in life, and gives the example of photographing a keyboard.   He talks about how the camera transforms an ordinary thing into a thing of beauty by catching little aspects like the light off the keys.  I also enjoyed the part where he and Jian talk about how the guitar and camera are both modes of expression.  I am glad that someone else has made a link between music and photography.  This is a subject that needs some more exploration.

I was very moved by their whole conversation.  Perhaps I was also moved by the pace of their conversation.  I think it is interesting to note that as the conversation progresses that Jian gives him more and more space to think and say his thoughts–and space in radio is an uncommon sound.   I highly recommend taking a listen to the interview, whether you are interested in Lou Reed, photography or just art and life in general.

You can listen to their conversation below, and I have included a link to an article from the Independent which talks about his photography.

 Q Interview

Article from The Independent

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