Nurturing my inner geek

These are pens

I couldn’t resist.  It has been a few years since I [finally] graduated with my B.A. and entered the “real world” of rent, jobs and weekends.  But life is just not satisfying without weekly lectures.  So I am indulging myself in my one free audit as an alumna of Providence this fall.  I have enrolled in “Writing for the Media.”  My first class with professor, blogger and Morrissey aficionado,  Dr. Greco. Yes, I am tackling the bane of my existence: words.  Such unpleasant cumbersome things.  For the next few months I am assigned to write 100 words on a blog everyday on local or global event that took place that day.  Over the weekend I will consider if this is a task for this blog, if I can twist the assignment into an art form of some sort, or if I will have to create a new blog.

But for now I am riding the happy wave of attending lectures once again.

Such a geek.

Meticulous note taking…


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