Hitting my Farmer’s Market Stride


Well it has been 6 weeks now since I opened up at the Steinbach Farmer’s Market.  I have learned a lot of practical things about how to run a small booth in the open air, but I think that the main thing I have learned is actually a psychological lesson.  I think it has taken me about a month to adjust to just putting myself out there.  Having a blog has been helpful too, but there is something very different about having one’s work be “live” as opposed to online.  I am immensely enjoying the interaction of passers-by as they engage with my work.  My favorite has to be the children.  So much so, that I think I will keep making toys and hopefully make a few more.

Anyway, those are my thoughts today.  I strongly encourage putting up booths at the local Farmer’s Market if you are at all interested in producing your work for people to see/buy!   If nothing else, it is a very helpful tool for an artist to practice “getting out there”.  Otherwise we artists might just sit at home with our cat and tree photography.  And there is only so much space on the walls at home. 😉




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