Making Movies: Cuillins of Rhum music video

Why have I not worked with film before??  It is such an exciting and challenging medium to work with!  It is like taking dynamic photography.  All the rules about composition and colour and theme still apply, only the subject is moving.  Well, there is no going back for me.  I will now include some films in my blog.  Today I am posting my first.  

This first project is a music video.  On Saturday I awoke to a clean art room, a free day and the need to spend my hours on a project.  I decided to try film.  I do not own a proper camera, but I do have an iPad.  So, over coffee, I read some film making app reviews and downloaded Splice and set about creating a story line.  After enlisting my husband to help me shoot the footage, I went to the local thrift store and bought some old shoes and a suit case.  6 dollars and 12 hours later I had a film.

Here it is:)

PS. For those who care about film apps on iPones/iPads: for the filter I had a hard time finding an app that would do a complete video.  Most the apps are designed for phone users and will only let you filter up to 30 sec. of a film.  After downloading a few of these (including Viddy and Socialcam) I finally found Videon which would not only filter longer that 30 seconds of footage, but would also allow me to keep the video for a larger screen.  Anyway, just thought I would make that note for anyone who cares.


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