Erthe upon Erthe



Erþ gette on erþ gersom & gold,

Erþ is þi moder, in erþ is þi mold.

Erþ uppon erþ be þi soule hold;

Er erþe go to erþe, bild þi long bold.

Erþ bilt castles, and erþe bilt toures;

Whan erþ is on erþe, blak beþ þe boures.


Earth goes to Earth, as mold to mold;

Earth treads on Earth, glittering in gold:

Earth as to Earth returne ne’er shoulde;

Earth shall to Earth goe e’er he wolde.

Earth upon Earth consyder may;

Earth goes to Earth naked away.

Earth though on Earth be stowt & gay

Earth shall from Earth passe poore away.

Be mercifull & charitable,

Relieve the poor as thou art able.

A shrowd to the grave

Is all thou shalt have.

Formerly on a tombstone at St. Martin’s, Ludgate, to Florens xxxviiiCaldwell esq. of London & Ann Mary Wilde, his wife

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