From Pile-of-Junk to Up-cycled Jewelry: Step One


So you like the environment, you don’t like waste.  You know that you’re a consumer, but you want to change.  You’re a little crafty, but more than that, you have a large pile of seemingly useless jewelry that needs to be transformed.  Perhaps you picked it up at a yard sale, or thrift store, or more likely, it belongs to you–necklaces that have broken, earnings that have missing pairs, or simply old stuff you just don’t particularly like any more.  Rather than tossing all this out into the land for it to take up more space and poison the earth a little more–it is time to learn the How-to behind up-cycling jewelry.  My next few posts will be a photographic exploration of the steps that are involved with this.  Shown here is step 1.

1: Sort the Mess. 




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