Things I learned at my first Farmer’s Market


Well yesterday went very well!  The thunder storm held off until the evening, the farmer’s market gave me my booth for the season (Both # 12 🙂 ) and from 3pm to 7pm I had my very first customers.  I learned a lot this first round, and next week I will return much wiser.  Here are a few things I learned:

  • Don’t underestimate setup time!
  • Bring a lot to drink!
  • Be prepared to be training ground for children who are learning how to spend birthday money.
  • Children will see free lolly-pops a mile away.
  • Gallons of water work in place of sand bags.
  • Unlike your living room, there is wind outside–displays may not hold up as you anticipate they will…
  • Like raccoons, people are attracted to shiny things.
  • Be prepared for weather: sweltering heat to wind and rain.
  • Be prepared for people who want to buy your display.
  • And lastly, sit back and enjoy being able to see how people respond to the art you put so much work into!


A good day.  See you next week:)




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