Framed Watercolour Prints [mostly] green…


For Sale:  Framed Watercolour Prints

Price: $75

Materials:  Up-cycled wood, used paint, matted watercolour print

About: Framed prints of my watercolours will be available for purchase at the booth and online.  My favorite part about these pieces is that I have done all the work: I have rescued the wood from the discard pile from the construction site, I have rescued the paint from an otherwise uninteresting lifespan in my garage, I painted the picture, cut the mat, secured it into the frame….. ok, so Don’s Photo printed the piece, but otherwise, it is me.  Yes, I am aware that I print my photography, and I have just exposed how pant is so evil for the environment.  Does anyone know of a place to order photo prints where the ink is vegetable based?  I would be very interested to know.   For now, everything but the printing is sustainable…

5 Days Remaining!  Tee hee!





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