The “what?” and the “why?” behind up-cycled bookmarks.


Why up-cycle packaging? Why care about the ink that comes to us everyday from food to clothes to toys? The sad reality is that this little norm in consumer culture has a MAJOR environmental impact. While we hear about emissions on a daily basis and think that riding our bike to the store gives us our Super Green Star, we seldom stop to think about the packaging that accompanies almost every single item that we purchase. And while much of the packaging is made to be recycled, how much is actually recycled? Ask yourself how much you actually recycle, not only while at home, but while at other people’s houses, while on the road, and while out for the day. I fear what the actual number is.

A major part of my work as an artist is finding ways to reuse items and up-cycle them, before it ever gets to a point of re-cycling. Environmentally speaking, there is an impact for recycling to be considered: the fuel it takes to collect the items to be recycled, the water it takes to clean it all and the energy it takes to re-purpose goods. So, before we get to a point where an item is recycled, it is often possible to “up-cycle” it–it just takes a bit of creativity.

So, without further ado, here are some up-cycled bookmarks:

For Sale: Bookmarks

Price: 25 cents each or 5 for $1

Materials: Up-cycled packaging, stamped and block printed

About: Bookmarks up-cycled from random household packages. (I eat a lot of Tricuits.)

6 Days Remaining!!!

More information for you!

On Packaging:

3.2m tonnes of the 26m tonnes of the household waste produced annually is packaging. 150m tonnes of packaging waste come from industry and commerce each year. To achieve a change towards more sustainable packaging, it’s not just the packaging that requires alterations but also our lifestyles and habits of consumption

Read more here:

On Printing Inks:

The domestic printing industry ranks fifth in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emissions among major industries. To put this ranking in perspective, consider that the automobile industry ranks sixth, behind printing.

Read more here:




  1. I love the idea of upcycled bookmarks (& might try making my own – I always need more bookmarks!), and you did a great job of explaining why you upcycle, and why it is important.

    I am confused about 1 thing, however. You say the bookmarks are 25 cents apiece, or 3 for $1? But at 25 cents apiece, if purchased individually, you should be able to get 4 bookmarks for $1…

    1. Thanks, I encourage you to make some, and yes, one can never have too many bookmarks. And thanks for pointing out the discrepancy in pricing–math is not my strong point;). I will change that.


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