Print Art from the Wildwood


For Sale: Matted Linoleum Block Prints

Price:  $35

Materials:  Linoleum Block Prints pressed on to recycled paper, matted with archival 12” x 12” paper.

About:  It is hard to say which finished pieces of work I like most.  I like them all, and more importantly, I love making them all!  However, print making is fast becoming something that I adore.  I love carving the blocks and I love the texture that the blunt cuts give a picture.  Here are the first prints for my shop, “A Pair of Rabbits.”  I think the medium of print making suits the theme of the Wildwood very well.  They will be available alone, matted or framed.  Here is an example of the matted ones.

28 Days Remaining


1 Comment

  1. Wow that turned out beautifully ! You are doing wonderful work sasha. You know Shelley husband Jack in does block prints too?


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