Saying Goodbye to Florence (the Piano)

Well, I have come to the decision [*snif] that I must sell my beautiful upright piano.  The decision is a practical one.  Because it costs quite a bit of money to care for it, particularly tuning, I realize the cost effective thing to do is to sell it and purchase an electric one.  The benefits of an electric one also include the ability to record and to perform with it.


So, sigh.  Goodbye my beautiful piano.  I hope you find a wonderful home and inspire another young artist like me.


1 Comment

  1. Oh I am sad you have to do that> Have you given it to the Thrift store? If you want to have longer with it i would be willing to pay for a tuner for both yours and mine this soring?summer…think about it . though I havenot been on the computer since 3rd of June so maybe its already gone fr your home? It was a beautiful piece of furniture. Shelley brent’s sister bought and electrci one for herself in Nfld.


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