In The Art Room

If you have followed my tweets or have seen my Facebook this week you may have noticed a new photostream. I had the good fortune of stoping by Starbucks and picking up the the free give away: an app that lets you write on your photos! This nifty app, Over, is right right time for me as I am spending much more time in my art room. So I have begun a series of photos called “In the Art Room.”

The idea behind these is to give you a sense of what I am in the middle of and what the process looks like. Finished product photos look deceptively simple and often I am just as curious about how a given piece of art came into being as I am in the finished product.

So “In the Art Room” is my way of letting you into that world–into the world of the creative process. I hope you enjoy! If you want to be part of it, follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get the photostream, or follow my “craft” board on Pinterest.







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