Chalkboard Paint Creations: From Cereal Box to Art Room Organizer

No more art room chaos for this girl!  I will now avoid the contributing to the paper disaster zone with my cereal box chalkboard on my closet door.

Part of the fun in an art room for me is all about how to organize it to best suit my needs.  Often in the middle of a project I will think of something material or tool that I need to get and will have the impulse to write it down somewhere.  I usually do this on a small piece of paper that either clutters the space or that gets lost in the black hole of chaos, where I have contributed not only many slips of paper, but also lots of other small things, cards, keys, change… hmmm.. basically anything that is pocket size…. coincidence? naa.

Anyway, I have discovered chalkboard paint and have decided to do away with the small lists of paper and instead write it down on a chalkboard!  I love this paint because it is so useful.  I can take any surface and turn it into something I can write on without killing more trees or adding to the chaos.  My mind is now turning to what other things I could use this on…

The ideas are endless.  But before I take over the world with chalkboard paint, I did my first project.  And so far I am very pleased with the results.



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