Into the World of Handmade Jewelry Design

The time has come for me to devote the better portions of my days to crafting, art and music in the hopes that by the end of July I will be ready to have my own little booth at the local Farmers Market as well as keep a well stocked Etzy site up and running!

So for my first project I decided to start with jewelry, and yesterday I spent the morning making new necklaces from old ones.  This was much more fun than I anticipated!  I am discovering that up-cycled design is very satisfying.  There is such delight to be found in taking apart a necklace that no one wants or cares about, redesigning it and coming up with a beautiful new shape and appeal–that someone else later down the road can take apart all over again!

I think I will try to make myself into a professional up-cycling-necklace-designer.  The world needs more of these.

Over the course of the morning I took apart several necklaces and ended up with six new ones.  I will not post the how-to just yet.  For now suffice it to say that I have six necklaces ready to be sold in July.



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