Painting is the most vulnerable thing I practice

20130507-075420.jpgWatercolour painting can be one of the most excruciating practices in vulnerability and risk taking. It differs from performance art greatly in that the moment of action carried in each brush stroke is remembered. In a performance mistakes quickly fade into the past as new movement or sound takes the foreground.



Not so in painting with watercolours. There is no forgetting in a watercolour. When the paint touches the paper it does exactly what it wants to do, and ceases to be in my mind. With each new stroke the commitment to the piece deepens and the risk builds, until at last, in the last phase of a painting, there is the greatest risk with each new brush full of paint. Painting each brush of colour becomes an exercise in such risk taking, and the piece feels like an expression of such vulnerability. Sometimes painting is the most rewarding experience.

Sometimes it is too difficult to finish a piece.





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