Who if not I?

Before Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself there was the the ancient Irish Song of Amergin. Though I am sure that I have heard this poem before, it impacted me for the first time this past weekend when I listened to a reading of it in the context of a radio interview of John O’Donohue with Krista Tippitt in “The Inner landscape of Beauty.”   The reading comes 10 minutes into the interview and I highly recommend taking a listen to it.  The whole interview is fantastic, especially if you are at all drawn to the “Celtic” ways of seeing the world.

When I heard the poem as read in the interview, I immediately wanted to create something in response to the beautiful words, perhaps compose a piece of music for it, or a piece of calligraphy.  However, this will require much more thought, time and space to do it justice.  In the meantime I thought that I would share the poem on my blog.  However, because poetry is a spoken art it is hard sometimes to do justice to a poem simply by writing it.  So I did a brown bag calligraphy project as a way to begin to spatially represent the poem.  Really each phrase requires its own full page, so perhaps the best visual representation of this poem would be a book.  I will have to keep thinking.

At any rate, here is my first exploration of a visual response to the poem.


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