Almost back from London

Well it has been over two weeks since my last blog! Alway in London I gave myself the luxury of taking it in without having to put out a response. And what a lot to take in! I am struggling to not leave part of me behind. London is such a fantastic place if you are in the arts, wether performing or visual. The whole city is a grand production. This must be my 8th or 9th trip into London by now so my mind was not taken up with all the distractions of how-to-get-where and wow-that’s-incredible-architecture. Not that I didn’t have those thoughts, but this time around, my mind was not entirely consumed by them and I had time to listen to other thoughts as well.

I have come away from the trip with a few leads on where I want to take my next steps in the world of art. I suppose that before that I might say on a basic level my trip into London confirmed that I am supposed to be doing art-ever a question in my practical, budget oriented mind. I felt myself asking the “why” question: why do I create? This quickly turned into a “what” question. What do I create? I do not create products. My art is more about visually responding to ideas at this point.

On that note, I have also reached an awareness that I am not in a supportive city. Steinbach is not a place to thrive as an artist. It has taken me long enough to come to this simple observation. This is where I feel I have left part of me in London. I need to find a place where my ideas can be seen, heard and responded to with more than “wow, I can’t do that”. I’m sure it is well meaning, but I need more. I need a dialogue about the idea, not about the technique.

Last night I took a little “London” to a discussion night where we listened to a podcast. While the podcast went on I painted. Painting to words opens the mind in a different way than analytically taking notes I have observed. I will need to experiment more with this. Probably by painting to lectures and podcasts. But is there anywhere I can do this here without being met with pitying glances at my insanity?



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