Mad Alexandra messing about with… musical instruments?

Yes it’s true, I am becoming a bit of a musical instrument collector.  I attribute this to my insane parents.  Their collection included a piano, electric keyboard, auto harp, table harpsichord, soprano, tenor and alto recorders, penny whistles, harmonicas, violins, skin drums, a saxophone and an accordion.  Upon reflection I suppose I grew up with the idea that all instruments were approachable and to be “played” with.  My sister took formal lessons in saxophone, but other than that music was learned aurally.

Well it would appear that I am carrying on the tradition with a piano, violin, bodhran, recorders, harmonicas, and tin whistle.  I am 24 hours away from flying out to London, England where my two sisters live.  A quick search from Google has turned up a delightful store that specializes in early musical instruments.

o joy!

And they are open Easter Monday…..

I may find myself with a bardic harp capering through the Paris Airport before long…

Next on the list: Mountain Dulcimer!



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