Saturday Morning Music: The Bodhran

A little less than three months ago I received a Bodhran for Christmas.  Very happy.  I am working my way through YouTube videos learning how to play it.  I was going to post my first recording of it, but I chickened out–not quite there yet.  Instead,  I thought I would share the YouTube clips I am using to learn about this wonderful instrument!

First: How to Pronounce it:

The next thing is how to hold the Bodhran, and how to hold the “stick” as Brian Fleming call it from the Online Academy of Irish Music:

So I have been holding my drum and working out how to play a basic 4/4 beet, and really working on keeping a steady rythm, as that seems to be an issue for me when I play music… 

I have also found this exercise very helpful for practicing strong up-beets and down-beets:

And lastly, Why play the Bodhran?  Because it is Frickin’ Awesome!!!!!




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