Only in Canada Watercolours

Yesterday I was approached by a co-worker asking if I would paint a picture of a ringette player.  “You can’t find ringette art anywhere” she informed me.  “It’s all biased towards hockey.”  I said I would paint the picture (and then went to look up what “ringette” was).  I took home the challenge and painted two ringette players last night.  I enjoy a good watercolour challenge (that turns out well), but I also enjoyed that  I was asked to paint this little known sport. Upon reflection, I realize that one can paint on any theme, but to do so one needs a muse of sorts.  For me my “muse” is simply being commissioned to paint a picture.  And for this particular painting I have been “amused” at the theme and would take a bet that it is a request that would only come from a Canadian…  I love that.

My newly commissioned watercolour: "Ringette"
My newly commissioned watercolour: “Ringette”


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